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Non-chemical oil extraction

liquefied-gas extraction exposes ground seeds to the physical effects of the inert media based on the polar and non-polar properties of substances – oils, seed residues (hulls and other contents) and media that do not react with each other.

upon reaching critical pressure and temperature, the gas extrudes oil from the seeds that is practically residue free; the oil is then separated from the oil in a special tank; no ballast substances are released from the seeds through this process.

the oil thus does not contain any undesirable components that may lead to its biological degradation (spoilage).

a clear advantage of this method is the literal super-purity and, thereby, long-term natural stability of the acquired oil, greater effectiveness (yield) in terms of the volume obtained, and a richer content of bioactive and other natural, pharmacologically valuable substances compared to cold-pressed oil.

from the manufacturing point of view, this is a regionally unique (the only technology of its kind in Central Europe) and demanding operation in terms of energy, investment, operations, and economy.

this is our company’s exclusive way of obtaining oil.

Cold-pressed oil

Cold-pressed oil is obtained by mechanical pressure: press rollers or boards squeeze out oil from ground seeds; the press temperature reaches 80°C.

The oil is, however, contaminated by proteins from the seeds and by other ballast substances that cause an oxidation-reduction reaction and, finally, biological disintegration (rancidity) of these components in the oil. This shortens the shelf-life of the oil.

This process has to be impeded or stopped by adding preservatives or stabilisers or other (e.g., aromatic) agents (essences) into the oil; these, however, can cause allergic or other undesirable reactions of the body or can degrade the hemp oil or the final product containing this oil.

This method of acquiring hemp oil for cosmetic products is used by other producers; we differ vastly from these producers through our method of extracting hemp oil.