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Hemp cosmetics include ointments, creams, emulsions, balms, shampoos and other types of products containing natural oil from what is known as industrial hemp.

A this time, numerous kinds and brands of hemp-based products exist on the market These, however, differ in terms of composition, oil content, suitability for use and scope of use.

Compared to other hemp products, the CutisHelp product line is fundamentally different: it is the only one that contains refined oil – extracted from hemp seeds using a modern and mild non-chemical technological method – that does not have any addictive or psychotropic effects and is patented and protected under commercial law by our company.

More information about the methods of and reasons for acquiring hemp oil can be found in the Special Terminology section.

All CutisHelp products can thus be used by even the smallest children and by pregnant women and nursing mothers. They can be depended on to satisfy demanding skin-care requirements and problematic skin. They provide a new chance to improve the quality of one’s personal life and in this way help build self-confidence.


the key component of CutisHelp products is industrial hemp seed oil, which is one of the most effective plant oils of all; it contains up to as much as 80% unsaturated fatty acids and a number of coenzyme-Q-based substances, does not have any addictive or psychotropic after-effects, and has a number of other important and absolutely natural abilities.

the mentioned (omega) fatty acids generally belong to a group called vitagens: substances required by the human body to a much greater extent than vitamins, as they are also a essential part of the cell membrane and improve vessel flexibility

there is no other alternative source in the plant kingdom that is as rich in vitagens as hemp (Cannabis sativa).

based on the biotechnological, patented refined hemp oil, it is possible to create new medicinal products based on its specific, analytical fractions with a higher concentration of specific active substances, as this oil quickly penetrates the lower level of skin and even hair follicles.

the penetrative substances in hemp oil thereby mediate the effective transfer of other purposefully added organic molecules and allow for the subcutaneous application of current and generationally new substances, which is significantly limited in the case of hitherto established ointment and cream bases.

industrial hemp seed oil is prospectively the only practically usable source of these substances and demonstrates an active therapeutic and bacteriostatic effect (especially against gold staph – Staphylococcus aureus), while other traditional or trendy oils (aloe, tea-tree, jojoba, almost, olive, palm sunflower, soja etc.) have first and foremost a commercial and cosmetic effect.

each variety of industrial hemp contains only a fraction of the stipulated amount (max. 0.3%) of psychotropic substances of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) type; even the Czech Republic (which is the fourth biggest producer of industrial hemp in the European Union) has approved and is cultivating a number of varieties (in our case with a content of 0.02% of such substances)